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Pastor Allison Tedder

Pastor Allison Tedder was saved and filled with the Holy Ghost in October of 1983. In 1997, Allison answered the call of God on her life and became a full time minister in the Christian House of Prayer, Texas for twenty-seven years.

During twenty-five of those years she worked in the Children’s Ministry, where she held titles such as Nursery Overseer, Children’s Ministry Director, School Administrator, Day Care Director, and Camp Director. Minister Tedder also has a passion for mission work, which allowed her to travel to Aruba, Jamaica, and Haiti.


In 2008 the Lord enlarged the hearts of Allison Tedder and her husband Charles Tedder to begin a ministry of their own in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With the blessing and release of Bishop Holcomb and Pastor Valerie Holcomb, they began their journey establishing the Christian House of Prayer, Colorado Springs. CHOP Colorado is a thriving ministry that is growing by the thirst of the Holy Spirit and the powerful Word of God.

Allison is a caring mother of five wonderful children and is happily married to Pastor Charles Tedder. Despite the disappointments of becoming a teen mother at the age of fifteen, God has transformed Allison into a living testimony. She gives glory and honor to Jesus Christ, who turned her afflictions to victories. From her misery, God has raised up a ministry to reach children, youth and families.

You are welcome. You are wanted.

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