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Our History

What We Believe

We, the Christian House of Prayer, believe the Bible is the word of God. We believe that God has everything we need in his Word. God’s Word expresses his thoughts, character, plans, and purpose concerning us.

The late Pastor Charles Tedder and First Lady Allison Tedder, along with their five children, Rico, Charis, Travis, Phillip, and Shakanah, were members of the Christian House of Prayer Church of Texas for twenty-five years. During those twenty-five years, fifteen of them were spent as members of Bishop Holcomb’s staff. Their lives were being enriched. Pastor Tedder and his wife were content to serve under them, growing and fulfilling God’s call.

The Lord spoke to Pastor Tedder and told him that Colorado Springs is where he was going to begin his journey as Pastor. While in Colorado Springs, God had spoken to both Pastor and First Lady Tedder individually, giving them confirmation after confirmation that Colorado Springs is where they were to begin their ministry. They shared this great news with Bishop Holcomb and Pastor Valerie, who gave them their blessing and graciously allowed them to use the name Christian House of Prayer for their new church.

On November 15, 2008 Pastor and First Lady Tedder set out to establish their ministry. Their first service was in the Holiday Inn Hotel and twenty-one people were in attendance. Within months the Christian House of Prayer congregation grew and they moved to another room that could accommodate one hundred people. Growth continued and in 2010 Christian House of Prayer moved to another location with more room to accommodate 300+ parishioners in the main sanctuary.


To God be the Glory! It was placed upon Pastor Tedder’s heart to purchase a building that they could call home. In September 2013, God led Pastor and First Lady Tedder to a building which was the home of a former church. The space was renovated and is now the official home of Christian House of Prayer, Colorado Springs, Colorado.


We have two services, Sunday morning worship at 10:00am and Wednesday night Bible Study at 7:00pm. We also have a Saturday morning Intercessory Prayer at 9:00a.m. 


As Pastor Tedder and the Christian House of Prayer family say, “Don’t just come and go with us, Come Grow with Us!”

Don't just come and go with us, come and grow with us.

Our Mission

Our Pastor

Allison Tedder is the Pastor of Christian House of Prayer Colorado Springs and the owner of Little Eagles Child Development Center. For more than a decade, she has been and continues to be dedicated to serving the community through the food pantry and community partnerships. She believes according to Esther 4:14, that she is born for such a time as this.

Our Mission

We are a ministry that is dedicated to promoting growth through spiritual, family, community, financial, and wellness connections for ALL CULTURES and ALL AGES, to build the kingdom.


Our Vision

The overall vision of the ministry is to reach the world with the gospel. Our main focus is two-fold. First, we desire to have a church that will provide ministerial support and enrichment for the family and the community. Our second focus is to better equip and train the people of God as ministers to go forth, live, proclaim, and demonstrate the ministry of Jesus Christ.

You are welcome. You are wanted.

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